Introducing The Nightingale Nurses

If you’ve pre-ordered it on Amazon you’ll probably know this already* but I’ve finally had it confirmed that the third book in the Nightingales series, The Nightingale Nurses, will be published on 24th October. And this is what it looks like…

NIGHTINGALE NURSES 2-2Actually, the reproduction is a bit off, so it shouldn’t be quite as green as this, but you get the idea…

As you can see, Helen is taking centre stage for the third book. She is in the final six months of her training, and the State Final exams are in sight. And as usual, her domineering mother is determined that nothing is going to stand in her daughter’s way – especially not Helen’s boyfriend Charlie. Can shy, retiring Helen finally find the courage to stand up for herself?

She’s not the only one with a romantic dilemma. Her friend and room mate Dora has lost the man she loves to her best friend Ruby. She’s taken solace with her new beau Joe, but is he really the man for her? As if she didn’t have enough trouble, her big brother Peter’s joined Sir Oswald Mosley’s Fascist Blackshirts. Once again, Dora finds herself trying to keep her unruly family out of trouble.

Meanwhile, student nurse Millie is waiting for her journalist fiancé to return home from Europe. Until a gypsy patient’s dark prediction casts a shadow over her happiness…

As well as getting re-acquainted with some familiar faces, the book also introduces us to a host of new characters, including Casualty’s dynamic duo of Dr Adler and Dr McKay, man-mad Nurse Willard, and eccentric Sister Everett.

There are plenty of laughs, but lots of drama and heartache, too. In fact, everyone who has read it so far has told me there were bits that made them cry. I certainly shed a few tears myself while writing a couple of the scenes.

I hope you enjoy it, anyway!


* If you have pre-ordered it, then can I just say a huge THANK YOU!!!


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